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Mont Sutton Fall Colors 2012

Mont Sutton in autumn is a very beautiful place to be, even on a cloudy Saturday morning.

I decided to tag along with my girlfriend and her daughter on one of their excursions up Mont Sutton. They usually do this a couple of times throughout the spring,summer and fall seasons. I have never included myself on any of these trips because, I have never been into hiking and I am usually busy on the weekends.

Mont Sutton had received about 10mm of rain on Friday, so everything was wet and muddy.
Inspite of the less than ideal climbing conditions, I had a lot of fun and plan on doing more hiking in the future.

Mont Sutton Fall 2012

Sutton Fall Colors 2012

Sutton Fall colors 2012

Sutton Fall colors 2012

Mont Sutton Fall 2012

Mont Sutton Fall 2012

Sutton Fall 2012-6

Kelly - Wow! How beautiful!

kev - Hey Kelly How you doing, yes it is a very beautiful place. Hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanks for dropping by the website!

Becca - Hi! I’m a friend of Jon’s! He passed along the website and just wanted to let you know your pictures are stunning!

kev - Hi Becca, thanks you are too kind.
Hope you have a great summer.

Bal 2012

Bal 2012

I would like to present 4 lovely young ladies, who just graduated high school this year. They were a lot of fun to shoot, full of energy, I had a blast trying to keep with them.

Felicitations ladies, I wish you all the best in your future.


Pat - The girls look great!

kev - They do don’t they!

Venneman Family Reunion Picnic

What a great day I had at the Venneman Family Reunion Picnic the weather was perfect and these people are amazing.
I have lived in Montreal all my life and have very little experience with farms or the people who work them.
The short time I spent with this extended family gave me a glimpse into the lives of the people who feed us.
All I can say is it was my pleasure to document their event and I would be more than happy to visit the farm again.

Thank you, I had a wonderful day.


Pat Bartlett - Wow that was fantastic really great images many of them made me smile and I dont know these people yet the feeling of happiness shines throgh the pictures.Great Job Kevin I wish you would have been at the Bartlett Family Reunion.

kev - Thanks Pat, I had so much fun shooting this event. I really have to try my hand at weddings, I think it would be a blast.

Terrebonne Quebec

Just a quick shot from this weekend.

I hope everybody has a great week!

Terrebonne-Quebec-2Terrebonne Quebec

mom - kevin as you know i have not had the pleasure
of seeing your site for a long time so a lot of this is
new me it is with out a doubt beautiful in some i can see
the anger in the water in others i see the beauty in the daises
the joy of graduation
love you mom

kev - Thanks Mom, I love the way you immerse yourself into the image.
It is very gratifying to know that you enjoy them so much.
Love Kevin

Father’s Day with my Dad

Father’s Day with my Dad

Just got back from Kingston after spending a couple of days with my parents.
I went down on Sunday for Father’s day and stayed a few extra days, Father’s Day
was great. We had brunch with my sister Pat her husband Brian and of course Jon their son at Dox
a beautiful restaurant in the Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront.
After bunch we went back to my parents place to have cake and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Here’s a couple of images of the two Father’s of the Day.

Leslie Denham and Brian Bartlett on Father's Day

Leslie Denham and Brian Bartlett on Father's Day

Pat - A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing that smile on Dads face is priceless! Thanks Kevin now we will have that memory forever.

kev - It was a wonderful day and seeing Dad having fun was priceless.

Ryan - Great pictures of the two of them

Running out of room

Well with my latest equipment acquisition, I really have to find a studio(not my living room) with more room soon.

The living room of my apartment is great for head shots but that’s about it.
I think a big move is in order and I think I know just where to hang my hat.
It shouldn’t take anybody to long too figure out what I’m planning.

I hope this all works out, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

running out of room

851 Squadron 35th Annual Review

Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Prince Edward

851 Squadron 35th Annual Review

I would like to thank 851 squadron and their supporters for allowing me to photograph the 35th Annual Review.

As a token of my thanks, I would like to offer all the cadets as well as their supporters a dvd copy of all the images.
The dvd will contain web ready files for facebook,email and full resolution files for printing.
*Update* “by token of my thanks” I meant the DVD would be provided free of charge. Sorry for any misunderstanding, I am not trying to use this as a method of making money it is meant to be a gift to the cadets and families. *update*

Of course, if you are a supporter requesting image dvd, you will have to have family ties to one of the cadets.
All requests will be subject to approval of Air Cadet Administration Picton Ontario.
These files will be hand delivered by me, nothing will be sent by email or postal service.

Just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

35th-Annual-Review-00135th-Annual-Review-00335th-Annual-Review-00235th Annual Review 00435th-Annual-Review-00735th-Annual-Review-008
35th-Annual-Review-00935th-Annual-Review-01035th Annual Review 00635th Annual Review 005

Here’s the DvD I put together for the 851 Squadron 35th Annual Review.

I’m going to have to end my offer of a free DvD of the images, it’s time for me to move on to the next project.

Again thanks to everyone it was a lot of fun.


Pat Bartlett - Kevin,

The pictures are fantastic! You have captured the day so well. The clarity and color of the images are truly incredible you are a gifted photographer.Thank you for sharing them with us.


kev - Thanks Pat, it was a fun day, Picton has the nicest people.

Karie Campbell - Thank you Kevin for the wonderful photos – WOW!!!!! Just WOW!!

kev - Your welcome Karie it was my pleasure.

Karen Gyde - Pictures are wonderful. We are Cadet Gyde’s parents. I would be interested in a DVD. What would the cost be?

Karen Gyde

kev - Hi Mrs.Gyde thank you I am glad you like the images also for bring it to my attention that cadets and family members could see this as a attempt by me to make money.
That is not the case, my intention was to provide the images as a gift. I have updated the post, once again thanks.

Jon Bartlett - Uncle Kevin you did an amazing job! thank you so much!! you truly are the best photographer ever!

Brittany D-Brown - Wonderful photo’s! Great to see my old Squadron getting some publicity! 😉

kev - Your welcome Joh, you impress me quite a bit too!

kev - Thank you Brittany, a wonderful group of people your old squadron.

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