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HDR Photography Rue St. Paul Old Montreal

HDR Photography Rue St. Paul Old Montreal

Here’s another image from my archives this shot was taken on July 7-2009 at 7:15am.
This is one of a very few that I used a long focal length 140mm.

HDR Photography Rue St. Paul Old Montreal

Kelly - I love this one!!!!!! I see this hanging somewhere in my house!

kev - Thanks Kelly, that can be arranged.
Any image on the site can be printed in a range of sizes.
For example 5×7,8×10,8×12,8×14,8.5×11,9×12,11×14,12×12,12×14,12×18,16×20,20×24.

So, you will have to let me know when I can photograph the new addition to the McPherson family.

HDR photography-Sunrise on St.Catherine street-Montreal

Sunrise on St.Catherine is an image I shot in July of 2009.
I have been playing with this image off and on for the last three years.

Sometimes you take an image and you really like it, but it just doesn’t look right no matter what you seem to do with it. Then as you evolve as a photographer you try something like HDR photography and it ends up being exactly what the image needs. Finally this image has become the image I saw on that warm summer morning. I have another website with just images no boring content to read. So If you want to see what I’m up too you can head over there as well.

St.Catherine and Drummond-Montreal HDR photography

ugur TOKAT - hi

kev - Hi Ugur

HDR Photography-Notre Dame Basilica-Montreal

HDR Photography-Notre Dame Basilica-Montreal

Being a photographer in Montreal definitely has it’s benefits especially when you want to do some HDR photography, subjects are everywhere. On this cold and rainy December morning I decide to photograph one of Montreal’s iconic religious structures.

Today’s subject is the Notre Dame Basilica in old Montreal. The city of Montreal has just remodeled Place d’Armes square which the Basilica faces, the square was somewhat closed in before the remodel. I personally like the new open concept look of the square and the fact that municipal, provincial and federal flags are no longer lined up right in front of the square between it and the Basilica. Which leaves a clear line of sight for photographers to capture unobstructed images of the Basilica.

I have read some negative opinions of the newly remodeled square, However I am quite sure none of those opinions came from photographers.

I hope you all have a Happy,Healthy,Prosperous New year.

HDR Photography-Notre Dame Basilica,Old Montreal,Quebec

HDR Photography Montreal Chapters

Today’s HDR Photography image is another one from the summer of 2009.
This one is actually two blocks east of the previous rainy day image on the same street.
So I guess it would be St.Catherine and Peel st. looking west.

What caught my eye was the sky and how the lamp post seems to pop out of at you. I also really like the
architectural style of the Chapters building. Probably why it shows up in a lot of my images.

I should be going out tomorrow morning to do some winter 2011 images weather permitting. The sky has been overcast for
the last few days and that does not make for a good HDR photography image.

I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday with friends and family.

HDR Photography-St.Catherine and Stanley

So today’s HDR Photography is an image of St.Catherine and Stanley st. I shot on a rainy summer morning in 2009.

I really like shooting downtown on rainy days the store lights are reflected in the sidewalks and street.
You get that extra pop of color and as an added bonus there was some fog hanging around the top of the taller buildings.
The post production will vary from one photographer to another as will opinions on HDR photography. Some think it gimmicky
and not serious photography while others seem to make a very good living off of it.

Luminous Landscape is another website with a vast amount of information on a wide range of photography topics including HDR photography.
This link will take you directly to the HDR photography tutorial.

HDR Photography-St.Catherine and Stanley st.

HDR Photography-Montreal

My latest submission in the Montreal HDR photography category is this shot from way back in 2008.

This shot is looking up University st. at the St. Jacques intersection.

I’m sure you have noticed that my version of HDR photography is not processed to the extremes of HDR
with the exception of a few images.

High Dynamic Range Photography using multiple images to try and recreate the dynamic range of the human eye
and perhaps a little more is what interests me. If you would like more information on HDR there is a very good
tutorial on cambridge in colour.

While I’m on the subject of tutorials, cambridge in colour has a large library of tutorials on a wide range of photographic
topics. They also have a free forum community with some 16,000 members a very good resource for a person new to photography in general.

HDR photography University st. and St.Jacques Montreal Canada

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