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HDR photography-Concordia University

I was going through some images I shot last summer and came across this one of Concordia University.
In keeping with my latest theme HDR photography. I processed nine exposures of this image, each one
one stop more than the last starting at 4 stops under exposed to 4 stops over exposed.

I do plan on going out and shooting some new images for this HDR project, but at the present time
I have a cold and don’t feel much like going out.

Now on to the image, I used camera raw 6.6 to produce the exposures and then combined them with photomatix.
(By the way there were updates today for camera raw 6.6 and Lightroom 3.6 which can be found here)
In photomatix using the tone mapping I adjusted the image until it looked good to me and exported it
as a sixteen bit tiff.

Then brought it into photoshop for further processing, I won’t go into detail but there was many layers and ended up being a six hundred mb file.

Anyhow, hope you like it here you go……………HDR Photography Concordia University 2
HDR photography-Concordia University

HDR Photography-St.Anges of Lachine

HDR Photography-St.Anges of Lachine
I have done HDR photography before but haven’t really thought much about that style of photography for quite some time.
While out for a morning walk, I grabbed this quick shot of St.Anges’s and continued on my way.

Anyhow, after watching Justin Seeley on creativeLIVE last week he was doing a couple of workshops a three day course WordPress for Photographers and a one day course Designing for the Social Web. Of which I watched all four days and highly recommend, anyhow so your asking yourself what heck does any of that have to do with HDR photography.

In the WordPress for Photographers course Justin uses some of his own HDR images in different examples of wordpress image manipulation. Which gave me the idea to make the St.Angess image into a HDR image.

This majestic catholic church looked really good in the rain with it’s oxidized copper steeples and richly textured stone facade.
It seemed like a very good candidate indeed, so I decided to see what I could create with a simple unplanned shot.

Now this image was not shot with the intention of producing a HDR image. But I always shoot in RAW so it was possible by processing three different
exposures, I was able to get this result.

I have to thank Justin for renewing my interest in HDR photography and for making me aware of a truly amazing HDR artist Tray Radcliff.

Here is the results of my efforts………….
HDR Photography-St.Anges of Lachine

Updated image of St.Anges of Lachine
I decided to process another image of St.Anges of Lachine from my archives.
St.Anges of Lachine

glenn mcilwaine - Nice picture,

How is everything going?,hope your doing well.

Tell Rosemary i said hi.

Peaches Pears and Apples

Well, I just had to shoot something this morning.

So, first I went to my favorite fruit and veggie store fruiterie dollard and bought peaches,pears,apples and some strawberries.

Then a quick visit to the dollar store for some placemats,plates,bowls.
Put it all together and we have a plate of peaches,pears and apples.

The strawberries are scheduled for the next photo shoot.


Kelly - I really like this one! I would hang that up in my kitchen. Very pretty.

kev - Thanks Kelly, that’s the look I was going for.

Looking out my kitchen window

I was washing the dishes(that’s right by hand) the other night and I looked up and there was this sunset.
I don’t normally shoot this sort of image but I really liked it so here you go.

Hope you enjoy it too.


barbara robson - I love this Kevin. Your work is superb.

kev - Thanks, you are to kind.
Best wishes for the New Year

The Peladeau Family

Roch and Heather Peladeau contacted me to shoot their family portrait.
We had a lot of fun.
It will be what I referrer to in the future as the perfect family portrait shoot.

Here’s their group shot they were the easiest group, I have ever had to pose.
The Peladeau Family

A shot of Roch and the grandkids
Roch Madison Mya Ela

One of just the grandkids

Their daughter Kelly has her own family, So we did a quick family shot of them as well.
The Mcpherson Family

Here’s a fun family shot we did in the backyard.
Peladeau's backyard group shot

Kelly - The pictures are fantastic. They came out better than I ever thought they would. You captured the kids and their personality exactly. You made it fun and easy to have our picture taken, when normally it can be stressful. Especially for the kids, who are often hard to have stay still. They laughed and thought it to be more of a game. It was great. The website is fantastic and so full of great information. Thank you for taking the photos and for making it a great time.

kev - Thanks Kelly, you guys made it so easy, I really had a lot of fun.

Heather Peladeau - Hi Kev,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your patience during the shoot, it is never easy shooting kids, to say nothing of the family dogs! We had a great time and the pictures are beautiful. We will have to do it again….there will be additional people!

kev - I look forward to our next shoot and meeting the new addition to your family.
You and your family are some of the nicest people I have ever met.
It was my pleasure to help capture a few moments in your lives that you will be able to revisit in the future.

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