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Fine Art tv

fine art tv is an amazing resource for photographers in my not so humble opinion.

This European photography website has a world wide membership and a completely different feel to me than the North American style
photography forum.

Video interviews with some of the biggest names in photography from all over the world.
Greg Gorman
Bernard Faucon
Guido Argentini
Sylvie Blum
Kim Weston
Albert Watson
Douglas Kirkland
René Burri
If you are not a member you should be.
Do your self a favor and go spend some time on the site.
You will not be sorry.

The World According to Pascal – AYA

Salve Mater, the ancient psychiatric hospital for women, in Lovenjoel near Brussels, is waiting to be transformed into a luxury residential village.
Meanwhile, the central building, former administrative center and monastery of the “Sisters of Charity”, has been transformed into the temporary
studio of Pascal Baetens.

Since 2003, he has been here creating not only his commercial assignments and photography workshops but also a remarkable body of artistic sessions that are based upon the history and vibrations of the place, his “Salve Mater” sessions.

Zack Arias creativelive Day 3

Foundations of a Working Photographer with Zack Arias day 3 has come to an end.

Zack uses day 3 to give shooting assignments to the 6 creativelive students.
This is in my opinion a great way to grow as a photographer, there is nothing like
getting up in front of an audience of your peers and performing a live shoot.

What I find most beneficial is Zack instructs his students to talk through the problems
they are having such as I don’t like my light, this lens is not working for me, ect…..

Zack then moves the critique portion of the day, where he and his wife Meg look
at each of the students websites and gives likes and dislikes on their work and
website in general.

Now this probably the most difficult thing for new photographers to accept, an honest critique of your
work from a true industry professional, but it is absolutely necessary to your growth as photographer.

The day finishes off with some very good information on building your portfolio,
creative vision and some business and marketing ideas.

Zack Arias creativeLive Day 2

Well day 2 has come to an end, all I can say WOW!!!

Zack starts off with know your light, and uses window light for a head shot of a multi talented break dancer.
Window light in Atlanta his base of operations is the norm for head shots.
Zack goes into more detail about the different lighting requirements for head shots in other cities.

He then moves into strobes and his signature white seamless look, classic Zack Arias.
The equipment being used is the very affordable Alien Bees.
Through out the shoot Zack explains the benefits and limitations of using Alien Bees.

Day 2 has a bonus roof top shoot in which Zack demonstrates lighting limitations of hot shoe flash in full sun.
Zack also shows us how to blend ambient light and strobe to create some really cool images.

As with day 1 the amount of information is staggering.
Here’s the pre-show banter where Zack describes the days timeline.

Zack Arias is back – creativeLive – Day 1 is Done

Well day one of Zack Arias “Foundations of a Working Photographer” is over and it was incredibly informative.

As usual Zack does not disappoint his teaching style and the volume of information is staggering.

If you missed the broadcast the rewatch has already started at creativeLIVE

Below is the Introduction, watch a couple of minutes if not the whole thing and you’ll be hooked.

To purchase the course click here

Zack Arias is back on creativeLIVE

If you missed Zack’s first workshop on creativeLIVE, “Studio Lighting with Zack Arias”.
Which was absolutely the best lighting information, I have ever seen bar none.
I watched the whole three day event and bought the course video too.

If you are just starting out in photography this is critical information.

Foundations of a Working Photographer with Zack Arias

You really have to find the time to see him on creativeLIVE starting tomorrow.
Oh, did I mention it’s free that’s right FREE, if you watch during the broadcast.

So head over to creativeLIVE and checkout thier calendar, for boardcast times which are listed in Pacific Time Zone.
If you want costumized time zones for your area you will have to register.

Foundations of a Working Photographer with Zack Arias

Want to be a good photographer?
Want to do it for a living?
Want to rise above the bottom?
Then join Zack Arias this Friday for his next big creativeLIVE weekend.

Zack’s first workshop was all about studio lighting. This time around, he’s covering what you need to know to be a professional working photographer. Many people requested a class about business. Many requested natural light. Plenty wanted strobe + ambient. Everyone wanted more “client interaction” and posing guidelines. Zack’s digging deep and covering as much as he can.

I would just like to add I can’t say enough great things about creativeLIVE.

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