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HDR Photography St.Catherine and Peel Montreal

This is a HDR photography image I made from a shot taken back in August of 2009. It was 5:45 in the morning just before sun rise and needless to say the camera was on a tripod. The camera setting were shutter speed 13 seconds, aperture f/11, iso 50.

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HDR photography-Sunrise on St.Catherine street-Montreal

Sunrise on St.Catherine is an image I shot in July of 2009. I have been playing with this image off and on for the last three years. Sometimes you take an image and you really like it, but it just doesn’t look right no matter what you seem to do with it. Then as you […]

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HDR Photography Montreal Chapters

Today’s HDR Photography image is another one from the summer of 2009. This one is actually two blocks east of the previous rainy day image on the same street. So I guess it would be St.Catherine and Peel st. looking west. What caught my eye was the sky and how the lamp post seems to […]

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HDR Photography-St.Catherine and Stanley

So today’s HDR Photography is an image of St.Catherine and Stanley st. I shot on a rainy summer morning in 2009. I really like shooting downtown on rainy days the store lights are reflected in the sidewalks and street. You get that extra pop of color and as an added bonus there was some fog […]

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HDR photography-Concordia University

I was going through some images I shot last summer and came across this one of Concordia University. In keeping with my latest theme HDR photography. I processed nine exposures of this image, each one one stop more than the last starting at 4 stops under exposed to 4 stops over exposed. I do plan […]

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